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The product is buried in a bunch of stuff I don’t want to see!  How can I narrow my search?

You can use the navigation bar on the left hand side to narrow your search by Category, Price, Color and several other criteria!  If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please call Customer Service!

I cannot find what I am looking for! Can you help?

Sure thing! We can source any item you are looking for.  If it is not coming up on the website, just give us a call and we would be more than happy to help!



Is the price I see what I pay?

Not in all instances!  Often times, we can get you a more competitive price on certain items on the site.  If you are seriously interested in a product, please reach out to your sales rep or customer service for specific pricing! 

What if the quantity I am looking for isn’t displayed under Pricing?

Often times several manufacturers have minimum order quantities.  These are reflected in that price grid.  However, with our strong vendor relationships, we can often times get less-than-minimum deals that we can pass along to you!

What about set up charges?

Set up charges should be displayed below the quantity pricing.  If you have further questions on these, feel free to reach out to Prograde.


Can I get any of these items on-demand?

Yes! The majority of the apparel you will find we can include in an on-demand program.  If you have questions on other items, please reach out to your sales rep and we can take a closer look into what kind of program you would want and need!

Are all of the displayed items in stock?

Not necessarily!  Of course before we order anything, Prograde will always check to be sure it is in stock.  If it is not in stock, we can get you a date when they will be back.

How can I get more information on these products?

Any time you have any questions feel free to reach out to Prograde.  We are more than happy to help you with whatever you may need.


No worries! That is what we are here for! Reach out to your sales rep, or dial up 513-942-9202, let us know which company you are with and we will get you in the right hands to take care of your issue or question!

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